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Novelty by ZAMEL – RTM-30 Temperature regulator

Added: 2010-07-26


Novelty by ZAMEL – RTM-30 Temperature regulatorEXTA offer of building automatics, produced by ZAMEL Company, contains yet another temperature regulator – with RTM-30 symbol. This is a new device with noteworthy possibilities of control, enabling the realisation of advanced heat and cold control applications, as well as functioning of mixing valves. The device is available independently (RTM-30) and in the form of a set with 2 probes – KTY 81-210 with the following symbol: RTM-30/S.

RTM-30 regulator is a device offering a wide range of functional features enabling to use the regulator professionally in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling installations:

  • temperature regulation within the scope of 5 ÷ 95ºC,
  • two external temperature sensors (KTY 81-210)
  • maintaining temperature of receptors depending on reference temperature,
  • maintaining temperature of receptors depending on the difference of temperatures,
  • economic regulation of heat sources providing great savings during heating,
  • possibility to control cold and heat sources at the same time,
  • possibility to regulate temperature by means of mixing valves,
  • possibility to replace the reference temperature sensor with standard resistor,
  • LCD screen and keyboard,
  • double-module casing with flap (possibility to seal the flap),
  • mounting on TH 35 rail,
  • two transmitter exits with maximal 16A capacity.

Operation of the regulator is based on heating/regulation curve, which is obtained by manual entering point containing expected temperature and reference temperature, selecting ready curve or changing the function into room regulation. The regulator maintains temperature on the heat source respective to the reference point (f. ex. external or internal temperature) entered during configuration.

To a significant extent the regulation algorithm causes the reduction of heating costs, providing full comfort of room or weather regulation. The regulator uses two sensors for appropriate operation, and the existing connecting cable may be prolonged to 30m with wire of 0.5÷2.5 mm2 section. The temperature sensor may be replaced with standard resistor, which results in operation with one sensor, just like in classical temperature regulation.

Regulator may also constitute a perfect solution in all places where we want to be sure that the factor has certainly circulated the circuit, f. ex.: cooling of heating systems, as well as in all places where proper temperature difference is required in order to ensure optimal conditions with maximally reduced costs, f. ex. circulation of warm process water. Replacing one temperature sensor with standard resistor causes constant regulation around one point with maintenance if set curve, approximated on the basis of entered points. Replacing one temperature sensor with potentiometer of similar characteristics changes the universal regulator into classical temperature regulator, with difference adjustable by means of curve and hysteresis. It allows control of f. ex. heat source in a manner enabling its temperature to be greater than the set one with difference covering f. ex. losses to the surrounding environment through windows, etc.

The use of RTM-30 temperature regulator allows the execution of numerous practical heat/cold control applications, for example:

Controlling the coal boiler pump
Weather regulator with mixing valve.



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Author: Andrzej Szulik

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