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Added: 2010-08-30


CCTV MONITORING SYSTEM of HX900 seriesHX900 monitoring system is a true breakthrough on the market of CCTV both within the scope of design and functionality. This system is made of compact device equipped with numerous innovative solutions in relation to video recorders, which have been previously present on the market. This is a complete system with integrated feeding of cameras and LCD screen. ZAMEL Company, desiring to meet the requirements of its customers, has introduced a 24/7 monitoring system, providing the user with the feeling of safety and comfort. HX900 monitoring system was awarded with “Gold medal” during SECUREX International Security Exhibition in Poznań.

The system will be perfect for monitoring all facilities, where security stands as priority. Next to its unique design, basic advantages of the system, specific only for HX900 series of the CCTV monitoring system, include: built-in Neostrada router, wireless Wi-Fi connection, integrated camera feeding module, innovative disc assembling system, as well as entirely new manner of mounting the recorder (VESA wall mounting). This system is a user-friendly method of monitoring a facility with complete functionality, such as image registration, voice registration and on-line monitoring. This is a solution providing full security without tangling of cables, connectors and feeders. This also stands as a guarantee of quick and comfortable installation, as well as minimization of post sale service for the company performing the assembly of monitoring within the facility. This compact device operates in penataplex mode – it allows performing five activities at the same time.

Features of HX900 system

  • modern design
  • D1 resolution for each camera
  • 25 frames/s for each channel
  • working mode: pentaplex (simultaneous – recording, reading, preview, copying, LAN)
  • Linux operating system
  • Polish menu
  • auto reset function (built-in watchdog)
  • Q-Book built-in electric support concerning the operation of the system
  • built-in Neostrada router
  • built-in WIFI module and 3-port switch
  • Q-SPEED disc exchange system (HDD socket)
  • VESA assembly system
  • built-in camera feeding system with quick connection
  • VGA, BNC, HDMI exits
  • two USB 2.0 inlets
  • full configuration through network
  • movement detection
  • camera concealing function
  • control of fast-rotating cameras
  • real-time projection
  • control of the system by means of computer mouse, front panel, remote control
  • configuration of image parameters for each camera
  • emergency exits
  • positioning 3D cameras
  • preview through IE - Firefox - Google Chrome
  • remote on-line support

Wireless WIFI network Communication with the system is now easier than ever before. After actuating the system it is enough to connect any laptop with WIFI card in order to communicate with the system, without a bunch of unnecessary cables, and take full advantage of all its possibilities. This functionality has a great impact on simplicity of the system and does not bother the installer with a significant amount of problems related with selecting the equipment, its configuration and proper protection. The customer obtains a system, to which he can log in and “look through” the material from its own private laptop when within the range of wireless network.

Assembly of Q-SPEED disc Until now, too small capacity of the disc and long-lasting recording of the material on external carrier made it difficult to archive materials with the use of traditional recorders. System of HX900 series was equipped with innovative solution of exchanging the Q-SPEED disc. Due to the above the user may purchase any given amount of hard discs and depending on the requirements exchange them, placing the disc into a socket. Such a solution allows a quick preview of the material recorded on the disc in any time and space, which is particularly significant in case of possible situation within the monitored facility. It is also worth mentioning that the socket can be closed with a key, and by the same protects the recorded material against third party access.

Q-BOOK The built-in support was prepared bearing in mind the final user, as well as the installer elaborating the project. When the installation is finished, it is usually the installer, who is responsible to execute training concerning the service of the device, and that is why we have equipped our device with help showing step by step how to perform basic activities. This support is built in the system and is also available remotely. This is a considerable convenience for people who are in a different location and do not know how to perform basic activities. When the customer is on holiday, business trip, etc. he is not left without help.

ADSL built-in modem Allows quick and problem-free configuration of the system to the Internet preview. Apart from the preview possibility HX900 also enables complete configuration of the system, adding a user, look into the archive, etc. What is worth mentioning is the fact that the modem is enriched with firewall function protecting the system against any attempts of breaking-in. The three port switch to which our computer network will be connected and function allowing to provide the Internet access for other computers are elements significantly facilitating the activity of the whole system.

Integrated camera feeding module HX900 series recorder was equipped with integrated camera feeding module with quick DC connection. The feeder was built inside the recorder. The whole module is equipped with a series of safety devices, which guarantees long-lasting and reliable activity of the system.

VESA wall assembly VESA assembly enables installation of the monitoring system far from employees and unauthorized persons, which considerably increases the safety of collected data. Additional benefits of this solution (wall assembly) include considerable saving of space and safety of installation. In 99% of cases, standard recorders are placed on the desk, under the printer, on a shelf under the screen, or simply in a place, where we can find some space. We can very often face situation, when personnel or the owner himself may by accident shift or move the recorder, which can result in damaging endings of BNC cables or wires, and this can cause the failure of the whole system. Tangling of visual cables, wires and feeders, which are “stuck under the desk” can be also endangered with accidental disconnection or pulling out. The utilised VESA assembly system in HX900 series solves all these problems. The built-in feeder eliminates tangling of cables and to a significant degree provides simplicity and failure-free (mechanical damages) operation of the whole system. Connecting cables from the installation are introduced directly to the system from wall or ceiling, therefore there is no fear that they will be damaged.

Built-in LCD screen 7" LCD screen was implemented in selected models of the system, and therefore there is no need to use the monitor. The user has the possibility to have an on-line preview and to see the recorded events. We would like to invite all persons interested in new possibilities of CCTV monitoring system offered by ZAMEL Company to visit our Internet site and to contact the product manager.

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Author: Adam Kotas

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